The best flex loan no credit check -Installment Loans: Easy money for you

Borrowing money for a new engine or for an occasion is quite possible with the installment loan. This is the perfect type of loan for financing your motorcycle. Why we think this is the best motorcycle loan, we explain this article later. Borrowing money for an engine is basically the same as taking out a […]

Mortgage loan forms

In the past, one could choose from a range of mortgage loan forms. That is still possible now. Even though the types of mortgage loans from which you can choose are significantly restricted. This is because homeowners – if they want to claim mortgage loan interest deduction – can only choose between an annuity mortgage […]

Arrange your loans yourself

Do you have debts? Grab them yourself with the repayment plan If you have smaller, starting debts, it is sometimes possible to work out a solution yourself. The Nibud website helps you to determine how much repayment space you have and how you can divide this between the creditors. You make a repayment plan […]

How much can I loan my client?

Lenders may not provide credit if that leads to excessive lending. This is stated in the Financial Supervision Act. How do I test this? The umbrella organizations of lenders have drawn up codes of conduct on how they test whether a loan does not lead to excessive lending. The Code of Conduct of the Netherlands […]

How much can I loan?

A lender has the duty to investigate whether you can bear the burden of a loan. You must provide information about yourself for this. The lender, when determining which monthly expenses you can bear, always takes into account: Your income Your household composition Your housing costs Other credits that you have now run. For this […]

A loan?

Closing a loan now seems very easy. But there are always risks. If you know what to look out for, you know what to expect and you can borrow responsibly. Is borrowing really necessary? Perhaps saving is an alternative. Borrowing costs more money because of the interest you have to pay. Your purchase is therefore […]

Types of loans

Costs money The list below lists all types of consumer credit with an explanation of the specific characteristics. There are many differences between these types of borrowing, but the fact remains that borrowing always costs money. Consumptive credit is registered with the Credit Registration Office . This means, among other things, that your loan may […]

Loaning money at low interest

Borrow money at low interest rates? It is now the right time for that. But how can you find the lowest loan rate? And how is it that the borrowing rates differ per type of loan? In any case, it is very wise to always compare several loans from different lenders. This can be done […]

Lelystedelingen can still take out asbestos loans

  In a previous message we already informed you about the so-called ‘asbestos loan’. With this special loan, residents of Lelystad can clean asbestos roofs if they can not finance the costs themselves. Some residents of Lelystad were unable to take out this special loan. Until recently then. Because it is now possible for them […]

Loan Spotter

The website of lender Kredietspotter may look less reliable than the website of several other Dutch lenders. Nevertheless, there are thousands of private consumers every year who use the services of loan spotter. This organization is part of Ster Krediet BV and is registered with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Ster Krediet BV […]

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