WOZ value up. Largest rise in loan Amsterdam


And again the WOZ loan value has increased. In 2016, the average WOZ loan value of homes also rose. Statistics Netherlands states that the WOZ loan value on January 1, 2017 was on average 216,000 euros. Compared to last year, this is a considerable increase of 3.3%.

WOZ loan value in Amsterdam is rising fast

Amsterdam has been dealing with house prices that have been rising for the last two years in a row. The WOZ loan value also rises sharply in Amsterdam. For example, an average house in the capital of the Netherlands has a WOZ loan value of 290,000 euros. In 2016, the average WOZ loan value was still € 253,000.

With an increase of no less than 15%, Amsterdam is therefore the crown. And it is a new record. The previous record dates from 2010. Also in municipalities around Amsterdam and in Utrecht the value rose above average.

National WOZ loan value still low:

The national, average WOZ loan value is lagging behind. At least, this is still 11% lower than the average in 2010. In order to be able to break the record from 2010, the national average WOZ loan value must be more than 11%.

How is the WOZ loan value determined?

WOZ value up. Biggest increase in Amsterdam Every year, the WOZ loan value is determined by Dutch municipalities. For this they use, among other things, the sales prices of comparable houses (in the same region), but other factors also play a role. The WOZ loan value is important for homeowners. Because on that basis various taxes are determined, such as the notional rental value and the property tax. Consult your WOZ loan value here.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that the WOZ loan value almost always follows developments in house prices with plus minus a year’s delay? For example, the WOZ loan value actually starts to rise again in 2016, while the house prices have been rising again since 2015. You can also take out a special WOZ loan credit.


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