More social housing loan in Amsterdam


There will be more social rental housing in Amsterdam. That is what the Amsterdam housing corporations decided. That’s why they can also borrow more money . This is good news for people who can not yet buy a house and are therefore dependent on affordable rental properties.

Incidentally, some 2,400 social rented homes are built in Amsterdam each year. That is a substantial increase compared to the previous years. During the crisis years, a total of approximately 800 social housing units were added.

No student housing but average rental housing

In the past few years, housing corporations have mainly built rented houses that were / are suitable for students. Alderman Laurens Ivens of the SP (living) tells that in this case it concerns real rental houses that are being built extra. So average social housing that is suitable for families.

Overcoming damage

According to the alderman, the corporations must overtake the damage. Because in the past few years far too few social housing units have been built. 2017 is a very important turning point in that respect. In this way, more homes will finally be built again than the housing corporations sell. The new building will be doubled in the coming year (2018). In addition to investments in new construction, many existing homes will also be refurbished and better insulated.

Increase loans

100 SME loans issued in October at Funding Circle The main housing corporations have found a partner in the government when it comes to the guarantee for loans . These guarantees are increased. Housing corporations can borrow more money thanks to these guarantees. In total, the joint loan amount will be increased by no less than 300 million euros to 8.6 billion euros.

Corporations are healthier

Because the housing corporations are in a better position financially, the local authorities dared to considerably increase their guarantees. In short: Good news for tenants who can not buy a house (yet). In the long run, this will also promote the flow on the tenant market.

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