Loan Spotter

The website of lender Kredietspotter may look less reliable than the website of several other Dutch lenders. Nevertheless, there are thousands of private consumers every year who use the services of loan spotter.

This organization is part of Ster Krediet BV and is registered with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Ster Krediet BV itself is a smaller lender with a head office in De Goorn.

It is important to mention that Kredietspotter itself does not provide loan to consumers. This organization acts as an advisor, whereby Kredietspotter tries to find the cheapest provider of the requested loan. The loan spotter works with various Dutch lenders. Based on the proposals that these lenders make you, you will find the cheapest solution for applying for the loan you want.

Method of loan spotter

With a normal lender it is customary to submit your loan application online. Here you add a number of documents as proof of your financial capacity. In the case of loan spotter, you indicate the type of loan you are looking for and the amount of this loan and your current income.

On the basis of this information, the loan spotter makes inquiries with various Dutch lenders, who can then make an offer. You do not receive this offer yourself, but via this lender. The organization then looks for the cheapest solution and sends it to you.

Based on the free quote that Kredietspotter has sent you, you can agree to the proposal or continue to search further. If you agree, loan spotter will arrange the rest for you. Just as with a lender, you will also have to send a number of documents to prove that you can repay the requested loan within the specified repayment term.

Request different types of loans

loan spotter offers the possibility to apply for two types of loans: a personal loan and a revolving loan. It is strongly recommended to read in advance in the differences between the two loans. For example, a personal loan is particularly interesting if you want to pay for a one-off large expense. Think of the purchase of a new car, financing a renovation within your home, and so on.

With a revolving loan you can take out a new loan every month, with a certain maximum amount. If you regularly have a shortage of cash, this can be interesting. Keep in mind that you will have to repay part of the previously concluded loans each month, as well as the interest costs you have accrued. With a revolving loan you have a variable interest rate.

Not all loans in the picture

The services provided by Kredietspotter offer you various benefits. Keep in mind, however, that not all loans from the various lenders will be included in the comparisons. This can be considered as a disadvantage, because if possible you still pay a too high amount for the loan you have requested. It is therefore no problem to use an online comparison tool for comparing loans with lenders.