Less loan payment problems among Dutch people

Not only the Dutch Government has its affairs in order again. The Dutch consumer is clearly above the credit crisis again. As we mentioned in a previous article, the economy grew by no less than 2.5% in the second quarter of 2017. The number of unemployed people is also decreasing.

Add to that the recovering housing market and a strong increase in the number of new companies, and we can conclude that it will also look more rosy for Dutch citizens. It is therefore logical that the number of Dutch people with payment problems is falling sharply.

Five percent less payment arrears on loans

At the moment, plus minus 710,000 Dutch people have a payment arrears with an agency. Still a good number but considerably less than in the previous year. According to the BKR figures, it is 5% less. It is at least remarkable to note that the number of consumers with payment arrears is decreasing. Because since small credits from 250 euros onwards have to be registered with the BKR, you would expect more backlogs to be recorded. That is not the case.

93% of consumers have a positive registration

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Incidentally, 93% of the people registered with the BKR have a positive registration. In total, loans of 10 million Dutch people are registered. A little more than 700,000 of them therefore have a negative BKR registration. That comes down to 7%.

Your telephone subscription is also likely to be registered

Since May 2017, small loans of more than 250 euros are also registered with the BKR. If you have taken out a telephone contract for which you purchase a prepaid unit , this is considered a credit if the telephone costs more than € 250. This credit is therefore also registered with Stichting BKR.

How to solve payment problems?

If you have problems with paying off a loan or a subscription, it is necessary that you seek help quickly. Otherwise, your money worries can turn into debt. Make good arrangements with your creditor (s) and, if necessary, contact your local council for help. You can then, together with a debt counselor, identify your debts and come up with a solution. Incidentally, there are fewer payment problems among Dutch people.


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