Lelystedelingen can still take out asbestos loans


In a previous message we already informed you about the so-called ‘asbestos loan’. With this special loan, residents of Lelystad can clean asbestos roofs if they can not finance the costs themselves. Some residents of Lelystad were unable to take out this special loan. Until recently then.

Because it is now possible for them to apply for asbestos loans from the Netherlands Housing Stimulation Fund. This has been presented to the municipal council of Lelystad by the Mayor and Aldermen.

Borrow money for sustainable solutions

Both individuals and companies can apply for financing from the SVn (Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Dutch municipalities) for sustainable solutions . In particular, many agricultural companies are obliged to clean up their asbestos roofs. But often the financial resources are lacking. Via the fund (SVn) they can conclude a special asbestos loan, so that the obligation can be met.

John van den Heuvel, Alderman of Lelystad, indicates that the municipality can not directly lend money to those involved. Because the law puts a stop to it.

Ten percent were not eligible for the loan

Lelystad members can still take out asbestos loans About ten percent of all residents of Lelystad are not eligible for the special loan and can not have their asbestos roof removed. This concerns about 70 households. According to calculations, these households are not in a position to repay the loan .

Alderman John van den Heuvel was given the assignment to come up with a solution for these households. Because they can not take out a loan, that the city council found unacceptable.

New conditions for custom-made loans

The solution is simple: A customized loan is taken out. For example, households who had difficulty with the repayment can opt for a longer term. They then have to pay less money each month.

Do you have an asbestos roof and are you a resident of the municipality of Lelystad? Then submit an application for an asbestos loan to your municipality. They will review your application and possibly forward it to the SVn fund. Another loan SVn the stayers loan .