According to the banks, there is still excessive loaning

According to the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets), consumer loan is still excessive and that is the responsibility of consumer loan providers. The AFM came to this conclusion after taking measurements for the Customer interest Dashboard.

Providers of loans must, according to the AFM, also come up with better solutions for customers who suffer from payment arrears . This can and should, according to the regulator, be much better.

The Customer interest Dashboard of the AFM

Each year, the AFM measures how and to what extent banks, lenders and insurers place customers first. The AFM does this through a Customer interest Dashboard . In doing so, they examine, among other things, the extent to which banks and lenders try to prevent customers from incurring too many debts. The research shows that there is still excessive lending among customers. Financial institutions are still doing too little to prevent this.

loan and spending target

The Customer Interest Dashboard also measures how banks deal with payment arrears on consumer loan. The AFM also measures whether appropriate loan forms are offered. The type of loan must always match the spending target.

Get more information about customer expenses

According to the AFM, there is still excessive lending The AFM also notes that loan providers sometimes collect too little information about customers’ expenses. This has led to excessive lending in certain cases. Obtaining the right information is important because it allows them to estimate the financial position of customers.

Payment problems and lenders

As we have already written, the AFM has also measured how loan providers deal with customer payment arrears. For example, the regulator notes that most loan providers do not discover the cause of the problem but only focus on collecting the payment arrears.



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